Zombie Slayer


Do you like shooting games? Do you like to play a game where your main mission is killing zombies? If your answer is Yes, then Z-Slayer: Zombie Slayer is just the perfect game for you right now. Z-Slayer: Zombie Slayer is the most addictive arcade game ever! The objective of this free game is to kill zombies before they kill you and reach higher score. Sounds easy? but you will have to keep in mind that you will find many zombies to kill in your road and you should be careful of their shoots. The game is amazingly designed with an awesome environment to give you the best experience while playing it. As a player, your task is to concentrate and maintain your focus so that you can kill all zombies. It's a very simple objective, but it's not easy to reach. Our advanced realistic physics engine will let you get a great feeling while playing in this awesome shooter game. So, if you ever wanted to try an addictive shooting game then download Z-Slayer: Zombie Slayer.  

Zombie 3D Killer


Download “Zombie 3D Killer”, enter zombieville and start killing zombies now. The city needs a hero. The city needs you! So many people in the city have been affected by T-Virus, this horde of walking deadmen is trying to destroy the city. These Zombies are getting bigger and stronger every day! You have to kill them all. City management has formed a zombie lady killer squad, and they need a squad leader. Give Zombie 3D Killer a try if you think this is you! Collect supplies and join forces with the survivors. It’s the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse. It's time to join the zombie shooting war! Get yourself ready to join zombie shooting squad and kill zombies now. Survive the waves of zombies and bosses in the war of zombieville, buy upgrades from the shop and try to stay alive as long as possible. How to play our zombie apocalypse game: It’s a simple yet challenging zombie assault game. The objective is to shoot and kill all zombies with your shooting gun in zombie apocalypse.  Google play app - New games - App Store

American Zombie Killer


Do you like shooting games? Are you looking for a zombie shooter or zombie hunter game for your Android device? Welcome to “American Zombie Killer”, one of the best zombie shooting games available on Google Play. Download the game, become a zombie hunter and start shooting the coming waves of zombies. The game will test your gun shooting skills and gives you a chance to be the No.1 shooter in town.  

So are you ready to have some zombie shooting fun? You better be!  

How to play:  

American Zombie Killer is a simple shooter game, the aim is to kill all the zombies. Just click on the zombies to shoot them. Collect coins to keep shooting, buy upgrades from the shop and try to live as long as possible. 

Zombie Runner



Zombie Runner is one of the best time killing apps, it is extremely addicting and fun. Challenge yourself and see what the highest score your can achieve. Your character is a Zombie that drives a funny looking car , you will be driving in a very bazaar looking world which is very entertaining. The goal of the game is to drive as long as you can without wrecking your car and falling off the road. The longer you drive the more points you receive. When driving, avoid all the obstacles in the way and sometimes you might want to slow down to not fly off the road. Enjoy the game and share with friends and family, this game is 100% FREE!!!  

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King Castle Defense



Protect your castle from the sticky people who are coming to destroy your precious castle. King Castle Defense is the best game with full of challenges and fun. Kill the sticky persons that are approaching near your castle. You earn extra points for killing every sticky person which you can use to buy other cool accessories to expand your castle and protection. Just tap on the sticky person and lift the person to the sky and drop him to kill the person.   

"King Castle Defense" is a beautifully designed game for all age groups with appealing 3D graphics and awesome sound effects to interest the player. You will surely love the game and get addicted to it. The number of sticky persons invading your castle increases as you complete the levels. Be fast and respond quick. The game completely depends on your response time and your strategic thinking to kill your enemies. The enemies can attack your castle from any point. Stay alert and defend your castle! 

Flappi Game



Hello gamers: Here is some great news for you. Your favorite FlappiGame is back! Download “FlappiGame” it’s your chance to remember the good old days of flappiGame. The challenge is to fly your bird as far as you can without hitting a pipe. Try FlappiGame! The aim is to hop your bird past the obstacles, tap on the screen repeatedly to keep your bird flying. Tap at the right moments to avoid the green pipes by flying the bird through the gaps.  Go as far as possible to get the highest possible score. Play FlappiGame now! 

Keep in mind you must have to react quickly in order to glide the bird through these green pipes. Time each tap perfectly to continue flying your bird to get a high score and avoid clashes. 

Skateboard Monkey


 Challenges yourself to play and ultimate level of skateboarding game. With the unique skating game - Skateboard Monkey, you will experience amazing skating. If you are looking to improve your skateboard gaming skills, you must try the “Skateboard Monkey” game. The skateboard challenge game has multiple difficulty levels to suit players of all kinds - Easy, Normal & Hard. The game can be played by players of all age groups from kids to adults. The game is played with a monkey amidst the jungles. Think well before you make any jump. While jumping amidst the jungle with the monkey, you can collect coins. With this, you can score higher and challenge your friends to beat your score. The game has multiple game levels. You can advance levels one by one to play the next level. To help you train better, the skateboard challenge game has multiple difficulty levels. So, every new level is harder than the previous. You will love the unique game play experience.  

Golf 2D


  Play some action packed one shot mini golf! Download “Golf 2D”, one of the best mini golf simulator app especially designed to give you some real feel of playing mini golf on your own Android device. With exciting mini golf levels and cool graphics, Golf 2D is a game you won’t want to miss. You will find some of the best mini golf courses in this one shot, mini golf simulator. Get the actual experience of playing one shot mini golf. Playing one shot mini golf was not that easy and fun before! How to Play: The objective of the game is to put the ball in the hole in one shot only. Wait for the right angle, take your aim and tap screen to shoot the ball towards the hole. That’s all!  



Fasten your seat belts, get yourself ready to burn some rubber in the real car racing game! Download “Carz”, an ultimate speed racing game for your Android device. There are too many car racing games available on Google Play but yet it is hard to find a real racing game. But guess what it’s your lucky day! With some stunning speed racing graphics and backgrounds, “Carz” is just a perfect car racing game for you.

How to Play Carz: Use the arrows on the screen to move your car up and down in this real racing game. Collect rockets and fuel tanks on your way through. These fuel tanks will give you some more time when you’re running out of it. The game is endless, go as far as possible and score as much as you can.

Crazy Ball - Super Bouncy Ball


How long can you jump and play with the *bouncy ball* without it being killed by the countless obstacles? Don’t think that you will have it easy. This is a *Crazy Ball* with unpredictable movements. It will challenge you from the very first moment, even though it features a simple tap tap gameplay. With its mesmerizing soundtrack, upbeat and exciting environment and hard challenges, you will be wildly entertained from the very second you start playing. *HOW TO PLAY?* Use only the same-color platforms and shapes to bounce and get to the next platform. Don’t touch anything other with different color. Even the slightest platform can be used by the super bouncy ball.  

Zombie Games: Z-Defense


Action fantasy Z-Defense : Zombie Games is now available on Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your World against Zombies, Robots,Zombie Games Tanks and other enemies using a vast arsenal of towers and Super hero's at your command!  Like other tower Zombie Defense Games,Zombie Games, your main objective is to prevent enemy forces from reaching your base by building defensive towers. There are six different basic towers to defend. Each tower has its own specific and unique functions, and each can be upgraded for stronger defenses. Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, Use Super Hero's to destroy all Evil that tries to overtake the world. Take command of towers with special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of Zombies and there high tech Robots and Tanks.  

Balloon Monkey


Time to have some balloon jumping fun with this funky monkey! Download “Balloon Monkey”, start jumping on the balloons with this jumping monkey and get your banana points. Welcome to the adventures of “Balloon Monkey”, an endless balloon jumping game for your Android device. You’re playing a cute funky monkey in this exciting fun game. The aim is to jump from a balloon to other and don’t let him fall down. That’s it! How to Play: Jump across the sky from balloon to balloon getting bananas for every jump. Balloon Monkey gets tasty banana points for every balloon he grabs onto. As the points increase the balloons move faster. So be careful, don't let go of the balloon or balloon monkey will not get his banana points.  



Brave Runner is an addictive and fun game, created for users of any age! Challenge your inner game runner skills and immerse into a beautifully designed arcade, full of dangerous obstacles and awesome booster to help you out. Tap to run, jump and make unbeatable high scores!

This fun run game may seem easy to play at first, but as you progress through levels you’ll see how challenging and addictive it is! Use the 2 game controls to run, jump and slide to avoid the harmful obstacles on your way and get as far as you can in this cool arcade runner. You will get 10 lives, daily bonuses, powerful boosters to help with your gameplay, and so much more.

Are you ready to run and jump into different wonderful worlds? Experience an endless run gameplay and choose your own character to play with! There are various lovely characters for you to choose from. Play and complete levels in order to unlock these great characters and their loveable, cute house pets.

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